National Check The Chip Day

National Check The Chip Day

Many pet owners are not willing to take any risks when it comes to their pets. Pet owners will go to great lengths to protect their pets’ health. They may install child safety plugs to keep their fingers and noses from electric sockets. They might also install baby gates to keep their pets out of potentially dangerous areas like kitchens or mudrooms. And, as is now common, implant microchips into the animal’s body to enable a GPS locator to locate them. Give your pets some love and make sure they are safe on Check the Chip Day.

This was initially an annual check-up on the chip and the animal’s reaction to it. This day is a great opportunity to have a basic check-up by veterinarians and animal health professionals. The most important thing you can take away from this reminder, however, is that the chip is available and can be used to help you locate your pet if it is lost.

As social media and electronics have grown more popular, the chips that are the name of this important day for pets have become more commonplace. It is amazing that you can now check your pet’s location from any smartphone or computer. This is something that many people would not have considered back when Vanilla Ice sang “Ice, Ice, Baby”.

The most important component to consider is not the technology or capabilities but the safety and security it offers your pet.

Make an appointment to have your pet chipped. If you’re already onboard and they have one, come in for a test and verification of its parameters. The chip won’t work if you don’t have the right number or your information isn’t in the database correctly. If your pet is lost, the chip will pick up that information.

You can update your information, have the battery replaced if necessary, and spend time with your pet. A visit to the vet shouldn’t be stressful. After a visit to the veterinarian, bring them to get vanilla ice cream. You love your pet so much that you gave the chip. Why not spend more time with them?


Aug 15 2024


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