National Checkers Day

National Checkers Day

National Checkers Day has nothing to do with the board game. It commemorates Richard M. Nixon’s famous checkers speech in 1952. He received a Cocker Spaniel in his bid for election in 1952.

Political leaders are prohibited from accepting donations for their personal use. Nixon was one of many who were accused by his rivals of taking this charge.

These allegations were not dismissed lightly by Nixon, who decided to confront them head-on in a 30-minute television debate.

It wasn’t his financial information that made this speech one of the most famous in US history. It was more the introduction to the public of Checkers, a Cocker Spaniel. Nixon spoke of his love for Checkers and won the support of voters.

“Our little girl named it Checkers, and the kids love it like any other dog. I just want them to know that we will keep it, regardless of what they think.”

You don’t have to play checkers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.


Sep 23 2024


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