National Checklist Day

National Checklist Day

A checklist can be a powerful habit to adopt if you live in modern times. National Checklist Day is a great opportunity to remind yourself of how important these self-made reminders really are. It is interesting to note that this day can be traced back to some very dark roots.

In the 1930s, early pilots were looking for safer ways to fly and to avoid the all too common crash at takeoff. After many costly mishaps, a group of pilots decided to create a checklist for taxiing down the runway. This single event is believed to be the source of National Checklist Day.

How can you appropriately celebrate National Checklist Day? You may have already guessed that making a checklist is the best way to do this. To make sure you don’t forget National Checklist Day, use this checklist!


Oct 01 - 30 2024


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