National Cheerleading Safety Month

National Cheerleading Safety Month

Everyone can agree on one aspect of sports from High School to Major League sports. The cheering on our teams from the sidelines by the pyramid-building, back-flipping and pom-pom-pom-bouncing men and women.

Although we tend to think of cheerleaders as entertainment, they are actually vital members of the team and can be physically and mentally demanding. National Cheerleading Safety Month is held each year to bring awareness to the importance of safety to our biggest cheerleaders and their performance.

The basketball season is over, but Cheerleading tryouts season begins. A new group of cheerleaders takes up the pom-pom to begin the challenging path to becoming a cheerleader. The Administrators, Cheerleaders Parents and Cheerleaders can all work together to provide an education about how to perform at their best and be safe.

Since the late 1800’s, cheerleading has been around. It was an all-male sport back then. Between 1877 and 1923, cheerleaders were the ones who supported their team. In 1898, organized teams became a reality. Women entered cheerleading only in 1923. It was not until 1940 that they were recognized in newspapers and student pamphlets.

The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches & Administrators was founded in 1987. It wasn’t long before the importance of safety education for Cheerleaders as well as those who train them became apparent. National Cheerleading Safety Month was born from these first seeds.

There are many great ways to celebrate National Cheerleading Safety Month. Parents and administrators have the opportunity to make sure that their children and teams are following all safety procedures. You can report cheerleading injuries, create an emergency plan, and be a valuable asset to your team and your children’s safety.


Mar 01 - 31 2025


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