National Cheese Doodle Day

National Cheese Doodle Day

Although you might not know what a cheese doughnut is, you almost certainly have seen them. Cheese doodle is a common name for these baked, cheesy snacks. It’s sure to make your fingers shine orange. These tasty morsels can be purchased as crisps and added cheesiness to any lunch. Be careful not to eat more than you need!

Every great food deserves a day of celebration. This classic snack is perfect for that.

It is difficult to determine the exact date they were first created. This makes it unclear who the inventor of cheese doodles was. Food historians usually attribute the bite-sized treat to one of two people: Clarence J. Schwebke or Edward Wilson, both from Wisconsin, who worked at Flakall Corporation around the 1930s. The company was a specialist in flaky pet food. However, they invented ‘Korn Kurls’ for humans and applied to patent it in 1939. Adams Corporation, another company, commercialized the snack in 1946.

Elmer Candy, a New Orleans, Louisiana inventor, is the second most frequently cited. He was born around 1936. Elmer’s Fine Foods sells cheese doodles today under the name “CheeWees”.

Cheese doodles can also be called cheese puffs (also known as cheese curls), cheese balls, cheese balls and cheese poofs), cheese poofs (also known as cheese poofs), cheese poofs (sometimes called cheese poofs) or corn cheese. These are made from a mixture of hot corn and cheese, then dipped in the distinctive cheese flavoring. It’s also known as puffcorn without cheese. There are many flavorings that you can use, including honey and salt. But the most widely used type is these cheese-flavored varieties.

This tasty snack is available in many sizes and shapes. Every year, pounds upon pounds are produced and shipped around the world to satisfy hungry snack-lovers everywhere.

This one is easy to celebrate: grab a packet of cheesey snacks or a few and get in on the fun!

You could also share a bowl with colleagues and friends to celebrate the occasion. Before you use your keyboard again, make sure to keep some napkins handy.

When you share your experience on social media, make sure to use #cheesedoodleday


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