National Cherry Day

National Cherry Day

Life is just a bowl full of cherries! National Cherry Day is coming! This day marks the moment when the little cherry will be the star of the show.

The origins of sweet cherries are thought to be in Asia Minor. They were probably brought to Europe by migrating birds. The Greeks were the first to cultivate cherries, and the Romans expanded the production of this delicious and healthy fruit.

With the help of English colonists, Cherries were brought to America in 1600s. They were cultivated by English colonists and eventually settled west with the settlers. Cherries can also be grown in Europe. The crop has been making a comeback in Europe over the past few years, despite its decline in the UK during 20th century.

National Cherry Day is a great time to appreciate, learn and enjoy this delicious, simple and healthy fruit.

With such a delicious fruit as the centre of attention, celebrating National Cherry Day is easy. These are some tips to celebrate the occasion:

A U-Pick farm is a great way to celebrate National Cherry Day with your family and friends. California, Washington, Oregon, and Oregon are just a few states that have prolific cherry crops. However, other states may also have cherry farms that allow you to pick them.

Enjoying a mid-summer festival celebrating all things cherries is a great way to celebrate National Cherry Day. Traverse City in Michigan is home to the largest cherry festival in America. It’s located in the northeastern part of the state near famous sand dunes.

Traverse City is often known as the Cherry Capital of the World. Each summer, Traverse City celebrates the cherry with live music and entertainment. There are tons of activities for the whole household. You can also enjoy the Festival of Races, the Cherry Festival queen contest, and talent shows. There are also bike races for kids, children’s clubs, air shows, sand sculpture contests, and other activities.

After a cherry crop is picked, it’s time for some culinary delights in the kitchen. National Cherry Day is the best time to plan for this delicious fruit.

You can enjoy cherries in many sweet and savory dishes including:


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