National Cherry Month

National Cherry Month

Cherries are very special. Cherries are a beautiful fruit. They hang from little branches that once adorned the sky with pink petals. There are many varieties, including the dark and delicious Rainier cherries as well as the sweet and light Rainier cherries.

Cherry month reminds us that while most people love cherries in the middle summer, cherries can also be enjoyed in any season.

Cherry month was created to raise awareness about the availability of cherry throughout the year. Leelanau Fruit Co. celebrates cherry month in the most bizarre ways, including pie eating competitions where cherry pies are eaten in large quantities as a tribute to their deliciousness.

You can also get the Cherry juice flip cup and the less delicious and disconcerting pit-spitting competitions. Cherries aren’t about being a show of decorum. They are all about enjoying the most delicious fruit, down to its pit, and enjoying it lavishly.

The sweet cherry tree, which is found all over Europe and some parts of Northern Africa, was the source of our Cherries. It has been eaten since prehistoric times and was eventually introduced to England by Henry VIII in Teynham. They have been enjoyed all over the world since then, in all of their many variations.

This is especially surprising considering cherry trees can be finicky and hard to keep alive in wet climates. It’s amazing to see England manage to keep these trees alive on the North North-East coast of Spain. That’s because of the power of peoples’ love for cherries. They will do whatever it takes to get their fix.

National Cherry Month can be celebrated by enjoying a large amount of cherries. A fresh bowl of chilled cherries is a great way to start your day. You can also pack some for lunch. You can share them with your colleagues at work and even bring some new varieties. You can enjoy a glass tart cherry juice throughout the month, which is well-known for its ability to ease sore muscles. On at least one night, you can also indulge in a slice of cherry pie. We know you love it!


Feb 01 - 28 2025


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