National Chess Day

National Chess Day

National Chess Day is a day to celebrate and learn all that is related to the history and challenge of the game.

The game of Chess was created many centuries ago by a game similar to chaturanga from India, which was probably the ancestor of chess. This game was probably used to encourage strategic training for military personnel.

It was likely several hundred years later that chess as we know it today developed. Books on chess were first published in the 16th century. Ruy Lopez, a Spanish priest, was one of the most famous players.

In 1976, President Gerald Ford of the United States declared October 9 National Chess Day. It has remained that way ever since. National Chess Day can be celebrated in more than 100 countries that recognize chess as an Olympic sport.

There are many ways to celebrate National Chess Day. Here are some ideas:

Chess is an easy game to play and well-known. All you need is a board and some carved pieces. These can be either very simple or elaborate. Two people can play chess. It is a quick game that can last several hours or it can take a few minutes.

Get a partner and prepare to have a great game of chess with them. For those without a partner, you can play chess on your computer, or with a friend.

For those who love chess, it is a great opportunity to join a local chess group or even take part in a tournament. There are chess clubs all around the globe in local communities. However, they can also be connected online so members can play against others from all over the globe. This means even someone who lives alone can take part in challenges and improve their game skills. It’s also a great way to have fun and just have lots of fun.

National Chess Day is a great opportunity to get in your car and take a trip to the World Chess Hall of Fame, which is located in St. Louis in Missouri. Over its 35-year history, this museum has been through many iterations. It was established in the basement of the United States Chess Federation Headquarters in New Windsor, New York in 1986. A small display was opened in 1988. It featured memorabilia like a Bobby Fischer book, a Paul Morphy silver set and other items.

Over the years, the collection grew and, after moving to Washington, DC, and Miami, Florida, World Chess Hall of Fame settled in St. Louis, where chess is very popular among area youth. You can celebrate the occasion by stopping in to view chess-related items and to take part in outreach programs.

Enjoy National Chess Day with your friends and family by watching these entertaining films about the game.

National Chess Day is a great time to buy a new set of chess pieces for those who love the game. A new set can be portable, magnetic or hand-carved in marble or granite stone.


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