National Chicken Finger Day

National Chicken Finger Day

Over the past 20 year, chicken fingers has been a favorite of many people. Chicken fingers are a quick and simple way to enjoy chicken. They can be made in many different flavors and quality.

Raising Cane’s decided to celebrate National Chicken Finger Day as part of their family tradition. This day should be celebrated by all who enjoy the delicious taste and quality this delicious food.

Raising Cane’s, an American fast food chain that makes southern chicken fingers, founded National Chicken Finger Day. Raising Cane’s was founded in 1996 and has more than 385 restaurants across 24 states. It also has international locations in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Raising Cane’s was initiated by Todd Graves, the CEO and Founder of the company. He was initially told that the idea would not work by his college professors as well as banks.

He saved his money by working 90-hour days as a boilermaker, and he also began fishing in Alaska. He was able to obtain an SBA loan and began construction of the first Raising Cane’s restaurant in Baton Rouge. The business was a great success once it opened.

Raising Cane’s created National Chicken Finger Day in order to show their love for chicken fingers and their loyal fanbase that has supported them throughout the years. Chicken fingers can be a great way to help children with picky eating habits. They can also be delicious and can be enjoyed by all.

Chicken fingers at Raising Cane’s are often served with Texas toast, coleslaw and Texas fries. Chicken fingers can be enjoyed with any type of food and it will still taste great.

People enjoy chicken fingers and fried chicken throughout the day and consider it part of southern tradition.

Eat some chicken fingers! Chicken fingers are available at many restaurants, including Zaxby’s and Raising Cane’s. You can make your own chicken fingers if you are brave enough to try it on your family.

Visit a chicken finger festival to try different recipes for fried chicken. Tell others about your favorite thing about chicken fingers, and your favorite dipping sauce to pair them with. If you enjoy Raising Cane’s food, share this holiday on social media.


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