National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

The Child Oncology Ward is a place where everyone can agree that it shouldn’t be. However, thousands of children across the US have to deal with the reality of living with cancer. National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month reminds everyone that this terrible disease is on the rise and that there are ways to stop it.

Since the 1990s, ACCO, American Childhood Cancer Association has been involved in National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Although President Bush declared October 1990 National Awareness Month for Children with Cancer in 1990, it was only for that one year. Barack Obama proclamated September as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in 2012.

National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month does not only benefit children fighting this terrible disease but also those who have lost their battle and their families. Even though cancer can affect an adult patient’s life, it can also impact a child’s. Even though St. Jude does everything possible to support children with the disease and keep them in good spirits, the world outside of the hospital is still full and there are more medical bills.

ACCO provides support for those who have lost their children to this deadly disease. National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is a month that raises awareness about the disease and the impact it has on the families that are fighting it.

There are many ways to get involved. Donate to your local organization fighting Childhood Cancer. A few dollars can make a big difference in helping families get through this.

These organizations are open to volunteers who have more time and money. Toys and money can make a big difference to the families of children on the oncology wards. Volunteer to spend time with the kids and brighten their day!


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