National Chocolate Cake Day

National Chocolate Cake Day

You will find the ultimate in birthday confections: a rich, luxurious chocolate cake filled with strawberry filling. Perhaps you are just arriving at work and a thoughtful person has set out a tray with chocolate cupcakes. Each one is unique and waiting for your attention. National Chocolate Cake Day allows you to enjoy chocolate cake however you like it.

The history of chocolate cake is just over 150 years old. It was first introduced in 1764 when cocoa beans were ground between large stones to make cocoa powder. This cocoa powder could then be made into chocolate. Conrad Van Houten, who discovered a way to extract the fat from cacao liquor and make cacao butter in 60 years, would be dead before he was able to do so. This man is responsible for chocolate being affordable.

The types of cakes and the techniques used to make them grew exponentially, so that there are now dozens of different kinds of chocolate cake. New types of chocolate are constantly being created, from the Black Forest cake with its cherries, to the German Chocolate Cake, with its rich coconut pecan frosting.

People didn’t eat chocolate in the same way they do today, as bars and cakes. It was first consumed as a mixed drink with water in the 1830s and 1840s. It wasn’t sweet either. Original chocolate drinkers would make a bitter, almost savory beverage and consume it early in the morning.

Eliza Leslie’s 1847 book contains the first recipe for chocolate cake. However, the actual recipe wasn’t what we would recognize as a chocolate-cake today. Leslie’s recipe used chopped chocolate pieces instead of cocoa powder in the batter. This recipe would have been delicious, you can imagine. You would still enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth sensation of tiny pieces of melted chocolate in its core.

Maria Parloa, an author and a cook, added their own spins to the chocolate cake over the years. They started to incorporate all the elements of the modern chocolate cake we know today. The frosting was followed by the addition of defatted cocoa powder to the batter mixture. The dessert can then be filled with a variety of chocolatey toppings.

The humble chocolate cake was a well-known and popular recipe by the 1920s. Manufacturers began to sell it outright. O. Duff and Sons created the first ready-to-eat boxed chocolate cakes. Betty Crocker also released a ready-to-eat chocolate cake mix in 1947. Making chocolate cake was made easier by this recipe. Even if you don’t have any experience, almost anyone can make chocolate cake.

National Chocolate Cake Day was established after chocolate cake became an increasingly popular part of American culture in the late 20th century and early 21st centuries. This day was created to honor this accidental invention. It was only after the discovery of sweetening chocolate that this delicious dessert became a reality that we have it.

It is simple and delicious to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day.

Incorporate as many chocolate cakes as possible throughout your day! Make chocolate pancakes with the batter from chocolate cake. Top them with caramel syrup and whipped topping. You can make chocolate cupcakes with the remaining batter. Place a strawberry in each cupcake and bring them to work.

When you get back, make sure to get a huge slice of chocolate cake as dessert. You shouldn’t wait to have dessert. Who knows what might happen at dinner? National Chocolate Cake Day celebrates this decadent treat. Don’t miss another chance to enjoy a delicious bite of these chocolate-rich confections.

National Chocolate Cake Day allows you to experiment. It doesn’t mean you have to stick with the boxed cake or modern recipes. You can even find Eliza Leslie’s 1847 cookbook and make your own chocolate cake. Relive the excitement of early chocolate cake pioneers by tasting the same cakes they enjoyed in the beginning of the chocolate cake era.

Another option is to create a modern chocolate cake with state-of the-art flavor fusions. There are many combinations you could make, from matcha to pistachio. National Chocolate Cake Day allows you to try new chocolate combinations. After you’re done in the kitchen you can share your creations with your friends to find out what their reactions are. Be open to honest feedback. Everybody has their own ideas about how the perfect chocolate cake should taste.


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