National Chocolate Milkshake Day

National Chocolate Milkshake Day

The milkshake is rich, creamy and delicious. It is cold enough to cool off on a hot summer’s afternoon, yet smooth enough that you can enjoy it through a straw and satisfyingly heavy enough to feel on your tongue.

What happens when you add chocolate to it? That’s pure perfection, and it’s hard to argue with.

National Chocolate Milkshake Day celebrates this indulgent dessert and its history, especially as it comes in combination with that richest and most desired of substances-chocolate.

Get ready to celebrate National Chocolate Milkshake Day

A wonderful thing happened in 1885: The term “milkshake” became a household name and was introduced to the dessert world. It is important to note that milkshakes from that time were quite different than the ones we enjoy today. However, they served as the precursor to the popular chocolate milkshake.

A milkshake was at that time something more similar to “Eggnog”, now known as a mix of eggs, whiskey and a variety spices and flavorings. This didn’t take too long as the term “milkshake” was adopted in the 1900’s to describe a healthier beverage. Although ice cream was not yet officially included in the mix, it was often ordered with the drink.

Although we were getting closer, the invention of an electric mixer was the catalyst for the creation of milkshakes as we know them today. These two histories are actually interconnected as both were invented in 1922.

Although it may seem obvious, the chocolate milkshake predates today’s milkshake. However, it was perfected once ice cream was added to the drink. According to the legend, a Walgreens employee from Chicago decided to make a chocolate malt by putting two scoops of icecream in it. The drink became very popular in the United States. The rest is history of milkshakes!

It is not common to know that milkshakes weren’t always called milkshakes. In the 1950s, they were called cabinets, velvets and frappes. No matter what their name is, everyone should enjoy chocolate milkshakes around the globe!

It doesn’t take much to think of ideas to celebrate this day. You can make anything that contains chocolate and icecream combined together. These are some fun ways to take National Chocolate Milkshake Day up a notch:

National Chocolate Milkshake Day can be one of the most enjoyable things that a chocolate lover can do. It gives them an excuse to enjoy their favorite shake.

It’s simple to make a chocolate milkshake in your own kitchen. It’s easier to have it made by someone else. There are many cafes and restaurants that will happily blend ice cream, milk, and chocolate syrup to make your dreams come true.

Enjoy a Chocolate Milkshake at these top restaurants

Invite friends over and bring all the chocolate you can think of to make this holiday one for indulgence. Rocky road milkshakes? Absolutely. Malted Chocolate? Yes, please! Death by Chocolate Milkshakes? Is there any better way? We don’t think so.

Get the blender and some milk. You can make your creation even more creative by adding different toppings or mix-ins.


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