National Chocolate Wafer Day

National Chocolate Wafer Day

They are light and crispy, sweet, and thin and they are the best thing to ever come out of gastronomy. They have been used in almost every culinary application imaginable, from being crumbled over desserts to being made into candy bars (Kit Kat, anyone?). They are also used to make ice cream sandwiches. This is not a celebration of any wafer, as if there is such a thing. It’s National Chocolate Wafer Day. It’s about the wafers that take something special and make it perfect.

The most well-known example of chocolate wafers is probably the Kit Kat bar. This delicious combination of wafers and chocolate is very popular in America. These are only the chocolate-covered wafers. Nabisco also makes wafers that contain 100% chocolate and are delicious on their own. We don’t recommend that you eat them this way. Instead, follow their recipe to make a delicious chocolate wafer cake.

The chocolate waffle cones are another version of the wafer. These cones can be used to make ice cream. Although they are shaped into cones and called waffle cones by their makers, this is only referring to the patterns created during their making. They are still wafers at the end of it all, so we enjoy them both in the summer heat and in the winter snow. It’s nice to be spring… Okay, every season. Chocolate wafers are so delicious!

It’s easy to celebrate National Chocolate Wafer Day by eating your favorite chocolate wafer treat! Have you ever tried chocolate wafers? It’s okay! We will give you a recipe to make your own chocolate wafers. You can then try it out and share it with your friends.

Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the butter to the bowl. Then pulse the mixture a few more times, and then add the milk and vanilla to the bowl. Keep running until the mixture sticks to the bowl or blade. Once the dough is sticky, transfer it onto a cutting board for kneading.

Make a log of the mixture, approximately 14 inches in diameter. Wrap it in wax paper and let it chill for at least an hour in the refrigerator. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Slice the log into 1/4in slices and place them on wax paper lined cookie sheets. They’ll be done in 12-15 minutes. Allow them to cool down and then enjoy!


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