National Chocolate with Almonds Day

National Chocolate with Almonds Day

Truer words have never been spoken. Every tier of society, from the most deprived to the most wealthy, has praised chocolate as a delicious and beloved substance. It has been traded by Kings, men have died for it, and even Gods have made a bow for it. The almond is also revered. It is referred to as “among the finest of fruits” in the Bible. Chocolate With Almonds Day celebrates this combination.

Let’s begin to explore its history alphabetically. The Bible praises the almond and it is found in the Middle East. It has been used in medicine, food, and decoration to enhance the mind’s ability to think. They can be easily extracted from the almond fruit. California is home to the largest managed agriculture in the world. This is how important the humble treenut is.

One of the most loved substances in the world is chocolate. It is a remedy for sadness and a compliment to joy and literally contains the substance of love. It is used to show your love for someone and can be used in almost every cuisine you can imagine. Its versatility and adaptability are well-loved.

Chocolate with Almonds Day is a celebration of what happens when two amazing ingredients combine into one mind-bendingly delicious whole.

You can find your favorite chocolate-drenched almond source and enjoy your delicious treats! Snickers makes almond-drenched bars, and Hershey’s has an almond version of their chocolate bar. It can even go further. Make your own Chocolate With Almonds Day treat.

Salt some almonds, clean them well, and place them on a baking sheet. Roast the almonds at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes. While they roast, melt the milk chocolate in double boiler. Stir in some cayenne pepper and mix well. Once the almonds are roasted, cool them in the oven and then toss them in a bowl to coat. To allow the chocolate to harden, place them on wax paper.


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