National Choose Your Chocolate Day

National Choose Your Chocolate Day

National Choose Your Chocolate Day is great for all types of chocolate: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and bittersweet chocolate.

Since thousands of years ago, chocolate has been around. It started as a drinkable chocolate in the Olmec- and Aztec countries. Chocolate has become a popular, delicious treat after it traveled the globe through Spain and other countries.

Chocolate was initially a valuable commodity, sometimes with religious connections. In some cultures it was used as a currency. It was later consumed in Europe by the rich and royalty. The production of chocolate was difficult until the late-19th-century, when it became more accessible to everyone.

See’s Candies is a 100-year-old American chocolate company that decided that there should be more choices in chocolates. In 2020, they launched National Choose Your Chocolate Day. This day was chosen as Mary See, founder of See’s Chocolate on September 16, is celebrating her birthday.

National Choose Your Chocolate Day allows everyone to choose the chocolate they love and want. National Choose Your Chocolate Day has many options to choose from.

Check out these ideas to celebrate National Choose Your Chocolate Day

This is the perfect time to discover your favorite chocolate! Take a large box of chocolates, and make sure to try all the flavors until you find your favorite. Perhaps, in honor of National Choose Your Chocolate Day it might be appropriate to purchase chocolates from multiple makers and taste them all.

It’s a great idea to share chocolate with loved ones on National Choose Your Chocolate Day – so that they can also choose their chocolate! A box of chocolates can be a gift for a friend, family member or loved one. They can also make their own choices.

You may wonder how to tell what type of chocolate each shape is without a cheat sheet. These hints will make it easier to choose the right chocolate.


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