National Clean Air Month

Clean Air Month is observed in May each year across the United States, sponsored by the American Lung Association since 1972. Initially a week long campaign the event was lengthened to a month long one in 1994. The month long awareness campaign aims to : educate people about the impact that clean air has on our lives

encourages people to take positive steps to improve the air quality – both locally and globally.

Clean Air Month is also an opportunity to celebrate the improvements that have been made over the last 4 decades since the campaign was launched and the Clean Air Act included into legislation in 1970.

The consequences of poor air quality are well known and can include cancer, bronchitis, allergies and asthma. But it is probably less well known how much of what we do impacts the air quality around us.

This month you can find out more about how what we do and use effects the air quality and also join in with a range of activities, such as holding ‘Bike to work day ‘ or ‘car share day’. Many activities are led by the American Lung Association and educate as well as involve all members of the community, highlighting ways you can have a beneficial impact on the quality of the air we breath. Keep an eye out in your community for more information or contact your local branch of the ALA.





May 01 - 31 2025


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