National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

There are tidy and messy desktops as well as cluttered and organized ones. Which one are you using? It is estimated that there are billions upon billions of virtual desktops in the world, many of which are heavily cluttered. Your chance to make your virtual desktop more orderly is Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day.

Clean your Virtual Desktop Day was created by to encourage people to clean out their desktops and restore the original image they had when they first started their computer. A clean desktop is a sign of an organized mind. It shows that someone has their work in order and knows how to use their tools.

Although it might seem easy, there are many ways to celebrate National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day. Take a look at your desktop files and decide which are not necessary. Send them to the virtual roundfile (that’s the recycle bin for all its rectangular openings).

Sort the rest into folders on your computer or on your desktop, if you prefer. Don’t do it too often! It’s better to keep things in the document folder rather than scattering them across your desktop.

You can either copy photos from your desktop to flash drives or SD card storage devices, or save them in folders on the hard drive. Whatever way you do it, clearing your desktop will make it much easier to find what you need and allow you to be more productive using your computer.

You can also change your desktop theme while you’re at the same time. There are many options available in almost every style, and some even allow you to change the cursor of your mouse to personalize your visual experience.


Oct 17 2024


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