National Cocoa Day

National Cocoa Day

Although it is sad that President Jefferson did not quite meet the mark on this issue, many can agree that he should. It is possible that he should have included this in the American Constitution to ensure that his good judgment was passed on to the country which he founded. This statement can still be true.

National Cocoa Day reminds everyone that there are many options for hot beverages other than “Tea or Coffee”. Enjoy National Cocoa Day at it’s best!

The history of chocolate goes back to ancient times. This is more than most people realize. It could have been part the Aztec culture as far back as 1400 AD. European explorers discovered chocolate in South America. It had been there for hundreds of centuries, even before their arrival.

Research suggests that Americans did not make contact with Europe sooner because they wanted to share their delicious beverage with the rest. This may be an exaggeration

The 500 BC mark marks the beginning of cocoa’s use as a beverage. Many archaeologists believe this to be only the beginning of cocoa consumption.

The chocolate from those days would have been very different to what we now eat, since sugar wasn’t something that had made its way to Americas yet. The beverage was likely flavored with vanilla, chili, and served at any temperature, depending on how it was made.

Cocoa is not for everyone. The Spaniards were the first to find the cocoa flavor unpleasant, and they made it a requirement that everyone try it. It wouldn’t be until cocoa was introduced to Europe, where it had been enjoyed as a luxury drink by the wealthy, that milk chocolate would be created.

Powdered chocolate was not made until 1828. In that moment in culinary history, the instant hot chocolate and chocolate bar were born.

It wasn’t until more than 100 years later that powdered hot chocolate drinks could be mixed in a cup. Charles Sanna, a 1950s- and 1960s producer of the product that was later to be known as Swiss Miss, tested it on his children.

Now is the time to celebrate National Cocoa Day’s beauty and pleasure. Start by following the suggestions below, or create your own creative ideas to celebrate this important day.

The first thing on the daily agenda is to enjoy a cup of warm cocoa. Some prefer to be simple and traditional. Others might feel that it is best to enjoy National Cocoa Day by trying every flavor possible. It’s okay to be creative with the addition of a peppermint stick or some red hot candies, salted carmel sauce, or even Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur for the adults.

Although not all cafes offer hot cocoa, the best ones do. You can either bring a group of family members or friends along to enjoy hot cocoa at one of these well-known cafes.

Gather your friends together and invite them to bring their favorite recipes and all of their favorites. There are many Hot Cocoa recipes, including Milk, Bittersweet, White, and Dark.

Hot Cocoa is a favorite. It’s made with 50/50 milk, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Dark Powdered Chocolate and 50/50 milk. Then add cinnamon and dark chocolate shavings to the top. It’s rich and delicious, so don’t be afraid to try it!


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