National Cognac Day

National Cognac Day

There are many types of distilled alcohol. However, there are some that seem more noble than others. They can somehow claim a little culture and social grandeur that isn’t possible with other alcoholic beverages.

Most people associate beer with cheap bars or backyard barbecues. The themes for wine might be the same, but they are generally more suited to a higher social status.

When Bourbon, Scotch, or Cognac is mentioned in conversation, the rich red mahogany furniture and distinguished gentlemen with high-class dens or studies come to mind. Many people see cognac as a significant improvement on the simple fermented grape that has been distilled and cultivated to its final form.

National Cognac Day is dedicated this rich beverage and one of the most prestigious!

It would be appropriate to start by briefly explaining what Cognac is. Cognac is, in a sense, what happens when wine matures and develops character. However, this may be a biased statement. Cognac is a unique version of brandy.

Cognac starts with white wine. It must be made in one of six designated regions. It is worth noting, however, that it cannot technically be considered a cognac if it was not made from white wines grown in these specific areas of France.

French residents in this region believe it important to point out that cognac can be brandy or not all brandy. This is because it doesn’t come from a specific region of France.

Ironically, most wine connoisseurs consider the white wine, from which cognac is made, to be completely un-drinkable. It is delicious when made into cognac.

A further distinction is made about cognac. It must be made from 90% Ugni Blanc, a specific type of white wine grape.

Cognac is made from grapes. They are pressed, then fermented for three weeks with wild yeasts. The wine is then distilled in an alembic still and aged for at least 2 years in Limousin oak barrels. It will go from nearly 70% alcohol to 40% alcohol.

Many people don’t know that cognac was just as popular in its time in the late 1800s as vodka today. Because cognac was less susceptible to spoiling than other wines, it was especially popular in this region. It has fallen by the wayside, and is now left to more sophisticated palates.

There are many grades of cognac, so it’s worth exploring each one. This day is dedicated to the most luxurious drink in the world, Cognac.

This is undoubtedly one of the most grand celebrations! These are some suggestions for National Cognac Day:

Cognac is delicious by itself, but it’s even better when you mix it with other flavors.

You can celebrate National Cognac Day by going to your local liquor store to pick a few different varieties. Gather a group of friends to enjoy a thrilling tasting experience with dozens upon dozens of options!

Don’t forget about the glassware specially made for Cognac. These glasses allow the drinker to enjoy the full aromas of the Cognac.

Cognac glasses look more like dessert wine glasses (sometimes called a snifter). They have a round bowl with a stem and a shorter stem. However, not all cognac glasses come with stems.

Take a sip from a glass and enjoy the richness of Cognac. This is the best thing you can do on National Cognac Day!


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