National Cold Cuts Day

National Cold Cuts Day

A cold cut is a chilled slice of meat that you can get from the deli. They can be sliced and put in sandwiches or drizzled with oil.

Cold cuts can be referred to as sliced meats or smallgoods. They can be bought pre-cut and ready to go at your local grocery store. Depending on where you live, you may also be able get them cut to order. This meat is ready to eat immediately after it has been pre-cooked, usually in sausage shapes or loaves. This is a great way to get your savoury fix quickly!

For generations, luncheon meats are a staple of our lives. They are easy to prepare and use, making them a popular sandwich filling. You can find them with bread or alone in fancy restaurants and bars.

Cold cuts are simply cut slices of meat from a prepared joint. These can then be packaged and served up. These are called whole cuts. The meat is made from muscle and no other meats were added. Other cold cuts, such as sausages and salamis, are combined with other meat proteins to create a delicious, often neat-looking, block of meat. This is how pastrami and similar products are made.

It’s easy! You only need to visit your local deli and pick up some cold cuts meats.

There are so many cold cuts to choose from that you won’t be bored – except if you’re vegetarian. Bresaola and chicken loaf are just a few of the many cold cuts that you can find.

For a quick and healthy meal, you can either put them in a sandwich or add fresh raw vegetables and a little dressing. Don’t worry about calories, they won’t count on a day of observation!


Mar 03 2025


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