National College Colors Day

National College Colors Day

National College Colors Day encourages college students to wear their colors proudly. Show your support for your school and local community!

National College Colors Day celebrates your college football team by showing pride in their colors. Even if you don’t follow sports, there are many reasons National College Colors Day should be celebrated. We can all agree that college is a wonderful place to be together and that we learn many life lessons along our journey. Many people make friends at college and this is why National College Colors Day has so much more than meets the eyes.

National College Colors Day, however, keeps the tradition alive from the sports perspective. College colors represent fun, joy and rivalry as well as history and traditions. Many college teams have worn their colors over 100 years. This is something that is both remarkable and touching. It is part of history, after all! It is important to honor National College Colors Day. Many traditions have lost their meaning over time. But college colors can prevent this from happening.

National College Colors Day was established in 2004 by the College Licensing Company. Since then, college and university fans have worn the clothing of their favorite college or university all day. National College Colors Day has been celebrated by thousands of schools, classrooms, and millions of people who wear their school colors to show their support for their college and to share it with their friends and coworkers.

CLC (College Licensing Company), launched the College Colors Challenge in 2015. Fans have the opportunity to show their school spirit and display their colors. The three categories of challenges are #SQUADPIC, #FAMPHOTO and #SELFIE.

There are many stories behind the colors worn by college football teams across America. This is a fascinating way to spend National College Colors Day. You could spend hours researching it. While we will be covering the history of some college teams’ colors, there are many others that you can explore. Let’s begin with Michigan. Blue and maize are their color combination. Although it may not be the most striking combination, it is still recognizable and is easily recognized. But how did these colors come to be? They were chosen by a student group in 1867. In 1912, a new version of the exact colors was made and the colors have remained the same ever since. This is over 100 years worth of history!

What about LSU? Their colors are royal purple and old gold. These colors are associated with wisdom, wealth, royalty and wisdom. But this is not why these colors were chosen. Charles Coates, the football coach of the Tigers bought his team gold ribbon and purple ribbon to improve their uniforms which were then gray.

The scarlet and gray colors of Ohio State are also available. These were chosen by a small number of students in 1878. Their colors in Texas are white and orange. These colors were first worn in the 1920s. It is interesting to see why they chose these colors. Clyde Littlefield, a coach at the time, found a Chicago-based mill which could make a dye that wouldn’t fade after washing.

During the Depression, the Longhorns switched to a lighter orange shade. This color didn’t last long. Darrell Royal introduced the burnt orange in early 1960s.

As you can see there is a lot to the history of college colors worn by different college football teams. This is why National College Colors Day has such significance.

Football is America’s most passion sport. National College Colors Day was created to promote intercollegiate athletics. People are encouraged to wear the colors of their favorite university or college throughout the day to show support and enthusiasm. Wear your college colors. Use #CollegeColorsDay on social media to spread the word.

You have many options for celebrating National College Colors Day. Wearing your college colors can help you show your team spirit. The best way to show your college spirit is to wear a football shirt. If you don’t own one, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate in National College Colors Day. To make sure you’re still part of the day, you can wear clothing that features your college football team colors.

You can also celebrate National College Colors Day by going to or watching your favorite college football game. College campuses are a great place to be on game day. You can experience college football games for yourself. If you’re lucky, one will be playing on this day. You may need to attend a game during the same week as National College Colors Day. The schedule should be available online.

You don’t have to be able to attend a National College Colors Day game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch football on TV. You can find many great documentaries on college football. Find out how your favorite NFL players made it through college football. You will also find reruns of the most memorable college football games.

National College Colors Day can be used to reconnect with old college friends. College is more than just a place to have fun and enjoy traditions. It is also where many of us make friends. It is a great way to honor these friendships and organize a college reunion. It is a wonderful way to bring back those memories and reminisce about the good times. We’re sure you’ll find the college spirit alive in every one of you.


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