National Coloring Book Day

National Coloring Book Day

Coloring books can be like magic. It can transport us to another world and take us on a journey into another dimension. Coloring books can also make us artists, no matter if we choose to be Rembrandt, with his vivid colors and patterns, and Picasso with his bizarre cubist designs. National Coloring Book Day invites us to go back to our youth and color in a coloring book.

The McLoughlin Brothers released their first coloring book, ‘The Little Folks Painting Book’ in late 1800. This was the first coloring book. They continued producing books of this type until the 1920’s when they merged with Milton Bradley Company. National Coloring Book Day celebrates the long history of coloring books, and the joy they bring to children and adults.

Yes, even adults can color! These books are very detailed and can be used by adults. These books are not pornographic (well, maybe not all), but they are intricate and beautiful. The use of coloring books has been varied. They can be used to teach, aid in therapy and even help with health. You can even find coloring books that help you understand what will happen during surgery.

Get out your crayons and colored pencils, and get coloring! It’s that easy. There are many coloring books available for children of all ages. You’re sure to find one that you like. You can also stock up on coloring supplies while you are at it, and then start searching for adult coloring books. They come in just as many variations as the children’s coloring books. Do you love Doctor Who? Game of Thrones Star Trek? Star Wars? Are you a Star Wars fan?


Feb 08 2025


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