National Common Courtesy Day

National Common Courtesy Day

The Broken Coffee Pot… The empty cardboard tube hanging from the toilet paper holder. It was left unattended and unaltered by the person who made it. A milk carton that is empty and placed back in the refrigerator, or one that has just a little bit of milk. What about the people who refuse to share a seat with a pregnant woman on a bus that has no seats? You have the opportunity to encourage others in common courtesy and refocus your attention on your own common courtesy.

Common courtesy is not as common as we would like to believe. With each passing generation, it is clear that common courtesy is fading away from the world. The elderly look back with rose-tinted eyes on the past, and their vision may be distorted. Only one thing can bring about the golden age in courtesy that we all claimed existed “when I was your age”, and that is raising awareness about common courtesy as something that is necessary for a world. This is why National Common Courtesy Day was created, to help spread the message of good courtesy we believe the world needs. That’s the essence of it all, isn’t that? Common courtesy will only become truly common when we show it ourselves and pass it along to others. Common courtesy can sometimes be difficult to find. This is because the definition of ‘common grace’ varies from one country to another. Common courtesy may not be common because there is no universal baseline.

It’s easy to understand. Whatever your definition of common courtesy, National Common Courtesy Day will help you live it. Be extra mindful of how you treat others, even those who might be there long after your departure. It’s unlikely that someone will be next to you when the paper runs out. A person running late might not have the time to make a fresh pot of coffee in their breakroom. That little bit of comfort could be what makes a bad day better. National Common Courtesy Day gives you the chance to make a difference in the world.


Mar 21 2025


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