National Corn Chip Day

National Corn Chip Day

Corn chips can be described as a snack food that is made from cornmeal. It’s made by baking or frying cornmeal into small pieces. They are packaged in bags and sold with or without dip. Although its origins are unknown, National Corn Chip Day is a celebration of this snack and all the different ways you can enjoy it.

Corn chips were first invented in 1932. C.E. C.E. Doolin purchased a bag of fried chips. He loved them so much that he pawned her mother’s wedding rings (with her permission) to buy the recipe and manufacturer. They were sold from his car, and the company he started is the largest producer of corn chips in America.

You can celebrate National Corn Chip Day by eating a bag of corn chips with salsa, guacamole or even melted cheese. This snack food is great.


Jan 29 2025


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