National Couple Appreciation Month

National Couple Appreciation Month

Singles can feel sickened by sugary sweet couples giggling at one another for hours (“You’re Schmoopy!”), which can lead to an extreme form of torture if you have a couple.

However, if you are in a long-term relationship, it is possible to wonder where the romance went. You may also find yourself questioning why you aren’t enjoying each other as much.

No matter what side you are on, National Couple Appreciation month can help you make positive changes in your relationship.

Blissful Escapes founded National Couple Appreciation month in 2010. It was created to encourage couples to do something special to strengthen and celebrate their relationship. Holidays that offer something for everyone are the best!

It is easy to get stuck in a routine and it can lead to boring relationships. However, that doesn’t mean you have to end your relationship.

This month, remember what made you fall for your partner and do the things that you love together. You may not be able go out drinking wine and stargazing every night with your significant other now that you have a 9-5 job, children to care for, and a mortgage payment to make. You don’t have to go out with your spouse every week, or even every month, to enjoy a night together.

While you may not be able to travel as often, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go on a couple’s trip every once in a while, even if just for a few days. Remember that love can be found in the small things. You can make your partner’s favorite meal, call him or her to tell them “I love you”, instead of “Buy milk cuddling”…all these things will help you get closer.

If you are single, make sure you take the time to show your friends that you care.

Perhaps it is your turn to invite them to a nice dinner or to ask if they would like to go on short trips with you. It’s important to remember that little things can make a difference. Just telling your loved ones how much you appreciate their relationship will make them happy.

No matter what side you are on, it is important to not take others for granted. This will make your relationships more enjoyable and create a win-win for everyone.


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