National Cousins Day

National Cousins Day

Do you remember those times when your whole family got together at grandma and grandpa’s house and you spent hours playing with your cousins, while the grownups argued about politics and mortgages. Many of us grew to be close to our cousins. We spent summer and winter holidays with them, and we all started our lives together. We lost touch with each other as we went to college and found amazing jobs outside of our state.

National Cousins Day was created because most of us have had a best friend in a cousin at one point or another in our lives. Although the origins of this holiday are unknown, the fact that it exists is clear. It’s the best time of year to rekindle childhood friendships and restore cousin love. No matter where you may be on National Cousins Day – take a moment to call or text your cousins far and near. You will be remembered by them!

“Cousins” are people who are already friends. You have shared laughs and memories from a young age with them. There have been fights but you know that you love them. They are better than friends and brothers, because they all fit together like one.

National Cousins Day was created to celebrate the long-lasting relationships we have with our cousins. Our cousins are often the ones that form our first friendships in life. These friendships last a lifetime and are formed as infants.

You have shared many memories with your aunts, uncles, and grandparents, regardless of whether you grew up with your cousins or only occasionally see them. It’s always great to see your cousins at family events. They can be your childhood friend, especially if your siblings get on your nerves.

As important as these relationships are, it is vital that we remember them. National Cousins Day is a wonderful opportunity to show your cousins how special you are and how much they mean to you.

Cousin usually refers to a first cousin. A relative whose closest ancestor is a grandparent. Many families have second and third cousins and are considered to be close. We believe that more cousins are better.

Celebrate National Cousins Day by showing your cousin how much you love him or her! Spend the day with your cousins! Have lunch together or enjoy a few drinks. You could also go to a concert together, or attend any other event in your local area. National Cousins Day is best celebrated by getting together and having fun. We know this isn’t always possible, especially for cousins that don’t live close to one another.

You can send a message to your cousin even if you don’t live close enough to them. You can send your love to your cousin via social media or text message with these great cousin quotes. This one is our favorite: “God made us siblings because he knew that our mothers couldn’t handle us as siblings.”

For a quick catch-up, you could just pick up the phone to call your cousin. You could also leave a message and let them know that you care. These little gestures can make all the difference.

A fun way to celebrate National Cousins Day, is to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This TV show focuses on the bond between cousins. This TV show is probably familiar to you. It’s where Will Smith was first introduced to the world. The story of a young man who moves into a house with his aunt, uncle, and cousins is the basis for the show that debuted on NBC in 1990. This is a very easy show to watch, and there will be plenty of laughs!

If you are looking for something to laugh at together, there are plenty of films with crazy cousins. Christmas Vacation features Eddie, who is the worst cousin anyone could have. There’s Ralph in King Ralph, Vincent and Vincent in The Godfather III as well as Mara and Cara Craig and Illinois Gordon in Hoodlum.

These are some great ideas to celebrate National Cousins Day. Make sure you have fun with it! No matter where your cousins are located, it’s still possible to share a laugh with them and enjoy a smile on this date.


Jul 24 2024


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