National Coworking Day

National Coworking Day

Coworking increases competition, creates space for meeting demand, and allows operators to grow their businesses. The idea of workspace has been replaced by coworking, which has enabled businesses to innovate over the past decade.

Coworking Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of coworkers in their workplaces and communities.

The concept of coworking is a relatively new one for businesses. It has only been in existence for 14 years. Brad Neuberg, a software engineer, claimed that he created the term “coworking” when he wrote a blog about it in August 2005.

He organized his coworkers through this position and created the Spiral Muse Coworking Group which allowed them to work together on different projects.

Coworking was born. Businesses began to implement his ideas into their own workspaces. It was not widely known at the time and there wasn’t a day for celebrating coworking.

National Coworking Day was not established until 2010. In a Google group discussing coworking, Cadu de Castro Allves, a Brazilian coworking space owner, created a holiday to celebrate Brad Neuberg’s achievements.

It was a popular idea that received enthusiasm. People started to develop the holiday in their own workplaces, and began posting videos and posts on forums about why and how they love coworking. It has become a worldwide holiday where coworking is celebrated as an unique part of the work experience by people from all over the globe.

You can find and attend seminars and presentations hosted by nearby businesses on this day. Talk to your manager or someone higher about creating a seminar that your coworkers can attend if you work in a company that promotes coworking.

Use the hashtag #CoworkingDay on social media to share your experiences with coworking and discuss why coworking is beneficial for businesses.


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