National Croc Day

National Croc Day

Celebrate National Croc Day with us! Wear your Crocs in comfort and style!

Crocs started their journey in 2002, when they were created out of foam by the original creators. The foam formed was ideal for being able get wet and dry off quickly. It was also practical.

Crocs simply derived its name from the fact that the upper of Crocs shoes looks a lot like a Crocodile’s snout. The rest is history.

Crocs gained popularity quickly among middle and high school students in America, shortly after their release. Crocs has expanded to offer shoes that meet comfort and practicality requirements, while others are more suited for mature customers.

The most famous crocs are still the basic ones with holes at the top and a strap that can be turned into a clog. You can find Crocs in many bright colors including Stars and Stripes and Tie Dye. The shoes’ holes allow for the attachment of small charms, known as Jibbitz, with different pictures or characters.

Crocs has even attracted designers to the fold. Designer Liberty London collaborated with Crocs to create a pink-patterned Croc shoe in 2020. It was wrapped in a silk scarf. Alife was another collaborator in the creation of Crocs shoes that had built-in socks.

The most bizarre collaboration was with Balenciaga in 2020. This shoe, a platform Croc shoe with metal bolts, screw studs around its sole and black color, retailed at $925.

National Croc Day celebrates and appreciates this amazing shoe, which has been around for over two decades and continues to be popular today!

These fun ideas will help you celebrate National Croc Day.

The most important thing of the day is to pick the most outrageous, funky pair of Crocs out of your closet and put them on. Are you out of Crocs? It’s okay! You can easily pick up a pair in your local area or order them online for delivery before the annual National Croc Day celebrations.

You are looking for something that is fun, non-slip and comfortable for your feet? Crocs may be the perfect choice. Crocs come in many styles and colors. They not only make slides and clogs but also offer runners, wedges and flip flops for nurses and other medical professionals.

For those who have more shoes than they need, but still want to celebrate National Croc Day. You might consider adding a Jibbitz charm or two to your collection.


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