National Dairy Month

National Dairy Month

Ice cream is something you enjoy? Yoghurt is another option. Mozarella Cheese? Cheddar? Munster? Are white sauces on pasta making you drool A rich cup of half and half is a must for a good coffee.

Are you hungry when you wake up? Perhaps you love custard. If you found any of these suggestions to be interesting, congratulations! National Dairy Month celebrates all your favorite dairy products!

The history of Dairy can be traced back to the beginnings of animal domestication. It is possible to go back even further and discover that milk from their mothers was the first food our ancestors ate. Since then, milk has been there for us to grow strong and healthy and enjoy delicious and unique treats.

1937 was the year National Dairy Month was established. This campaign aimed to encourage people to drink rich, creamy, healthy milk to build strong bones and good health. All across the country, dairy farmers begin to prepare to share the amazing things found in the wide range of Dairy products.

These brave farmers are the latest in a long history of dairy farmers. The milk of the animals they brought with them was an essential part of the nomads’ nutrition. We began farming when we settled down in rural areas. This increased our milk production and made it an integral part of our daily lives. As the world grew and industrialized, we established commercial milk industries to make sure there was enough. National Dairy Month honors all those involved in the industry, and its influence over the past centuries.

It’s easy and delicious to celebrate National Dairy Month. Get out there today to buy your favorite dairy products. You can start your day with a big bowl of cereal and some ice cold milk. In the middle of the morning, you can have a fruit and yogurt cup to give your body a boost. Then, enjoy dinner with a bowl of creamy ice cream in your choice flavor.

Last but not least, thank a dairy farmer or pet a cow at one point in your day to remind them where this wonderful part of our daily diets came from.


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