National Dash Cam Day

National Dash Cam Day

In celebration of the positive impact Dash Cams have on road and driver safety, global market leader Nextbase has named 5th August as National Dash Cam Day. This day will mark the steps taken in this sector to improve the safety of British roads by organisations across the UK and raise awareness for the need for Dash Cams in vehicles.

As one of the fastest-growing consumer tech sectors in the world, Dash Cams have quickly become a staple in personal and business vehicles. Dash Cams are an effective way of seeing how we and those around us drive. Drivers with Dash Cams installed in their vehicle are proven to score 33% safer behind the wheel, according to telematics testing.

National Dash Cam Day will also raise awareness for initiatives and campaigns around the topic of Dash Cams, including the National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDCSP). The NDCSP is a free, secure platform provided by Nextbase for use by police forces across the UK to enable the public to easily share videos of dangerous or illegal behaviour on UK roads with their local force. Since 2018, NDCSP has saved UK police forces 170,000 hours of police time and helped to make roads significantly safer.


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