National Day of Encouragement

National Day of Encouragement

Keep up the great work! Keep your positive attitude! You can do it!

National Day of Encouragement is a great opportunity to encourage others and make the world a little brighter.

When things get difficult, people are prone to feel discouraged. A broken relationship, a job loss, disappointing results on a test, or just the rain can all lead to people losing sight of the joys in life. National Day of Encouragement was created to encourage people all around the globe and build a sense of community.

The National Day of Encouragement was first announced by Searcy’s mayor in 2007. It was adopted by Arkansas Governor the month after. Later, US President George W. Bush declared September 12 the National Day of Encouragement.

National Day of Encouragement is gaining popularity. This is the best way to celebrate and to get others involved in celebrating this important and influential day!

It’s easy to take a moment to encourage someone. It doesn’t even have to be a National Day of Encouragement. These ideas can be applied at any time.

To someone going through a difficult time, send a message telling them you care and that you will get there. Send a note of encouragement or a handwritten card to a friend or relative with a encouraging message or quote. Give a hug and tell someone you care about how great they do with their life.

The Encouragement Foundation (TEF), a non-profit organization in Australia, works to keep people encouraged even when they are in trouble. TEF helps students and others to stay positive through their blog, Facebook page and website. To get encouragement and a boost in their mailboxes, participants can sign up for weekly emails.

Find some encouraging or inspiring quotes to commemorate National Day of Encouragement. Then, take a moment to reflect on them. You could write them down on a sticky note, and stick them to the mirror. You can also place one on your car’s dashboard or at work on your desk. To keep the encouragement flowing, rotate them often. Don’t be afraid to share yours!

These inspiring and motivating quotes will help you get started.


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