National Dictionary Day

National Dictionary Day

Language has power. It is the ability to use a wide vocabulary that includes many words. To enchant and enlighten, poets use words to describe a vast and beautiful world. Scientists work out the smallest details of how the world works and then transmit that information to others using precise and clear language. It is fitting that National Dictionary Day exists to encourage us all to question our vocabulary and to perhaps expand our language to encompass the entire range of the tongue’s diversity.

National Dictionary Day is celebrated in honor Noah Webster, who is believed to be the father of the American Dictionary. 1758 was a lucky year for English, as it saw the birth of the first English Lexicographer. This is a person whose work involves writing, editing and compiling English Dictionaries. He was born to a Hartford Connecticut family. His parents were a priest, farmer, captain of the local militia and also the founder of the local book society.

Webster’s mother was the one to instill in him a love for learning. This love was somewhat disappointed when Webster attended the local school, which was lacking in quality education. Webster dedicated his life to improving education for future generations. He did this by codifying and improving the way information is transmitted from generation to generation.

National Dictionary Day encourages us all to improve our communication skills and how we communicate with others through the improvement of our language through the study of the Dictionary.

Expanding your vocabulary is a great way to celebrate National Dictionary Day. You might consider buying a modern dictionary if you don’t have one. You can even sign up for a word of the day site such as Grandiloquent Word Of The Day to expand your vocabulary every day. National Dictionary Day encourages us to expand our minds. Grab a book and get reading!


Oct 16 2024


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