National Dive Bar Day

National Dive Bar Day

Participate in National Dive Bar Day to support and celebrate this iconic subculture!

Dive Bar’s origins date back to the late 1800s. Before prohibition, the term “dive” was used to describe a bar offering basic drinks in a non-glamorous setting. Although it might seem a little shabby and sticky, loyal clients know what to expect. They are never disappointed.

The term “dive bar” was originally considered to be a derogatory term. It may have been derived from the fact that these establishments were located in basements where patrons had the ability to dive down to gain entry. The term “dive bar” has been made more popular in recent years, as it is now associated with local subcultures and the preservation of the character these places have.

Seagram’s Seven Crown founded National Dive Bar Day to promote awareness and appreciation for all dive bars worldwide. Seagram is supporting the National Trust of Historic Preservation USA with this effort.

The number seven was chosen to be a lucky day because it is associated with Seagram’s. Get out and support your dive bar on National Dive Bar Day, or any other day of year.

Get together with friends to celebrate National Dive Bar Day.

To meet some of the more adventurous types of people from the area, you can stop by a dive bar. You can get a cheap beer, some whiskey, and don’t bother ordering a high-end, fancy mixed beverage. They will just look at you as an alien and roll their eyes.

Seagram’s desire to preserve the history of dive bars was the reason for the day. Perhaps it’d be appropriate to show your support by enjoying a Seagram‚Äôs Seven & Seven or Tropical Breeze, as well as any other Seagram’s Whiskey-based drink.

Diverse American sitcoms and shows often featured dive bars as their setting. These are some of the best shows you can watch.


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