National Dollar Day

National Dollar Day

The dollar is the basis of all currency in the United States, regardless of whether it’s a copper-colored penny with Abraham Lincoln’s face or a $100 bill featuring Benjamin Franklin. National Dollar Day is an excellent opportunity to learn more about this banknote and to appreciate it.

National Dollar Day is celebrated each August 8th. It marks the anniversary of when the Continental Congress decided that the United States’ money unit would be the dollar. This was in 1786. Six years later, the United States Mint (US Mint) was founded in 1792. Since then, the US currency has been represented by the dollar for over 200 years.

Dollars were originally made from metal coins. These included gold ($10), silver ($1), and copper ($1/100 of $1). The US mint printed dollars on paper almost 80 years after the original metal coins were issued. Dollar coins are still available, but they are much less well-known than the paper version.

The US dollar is today the world’s principal reserve currency. It is a key player in international finance and trade. National Dollar Day is a time to celebrate all things dollar!

Celebrate National Dollar Day with these fun ideas

A fun way to celebrate National Dollar Day is to start a collection of United States coins. All forms of US dollars that have a silver color are the Silver dollar, Eisenhower or Susan B. Anthony. The American Silver Eagle and Susan B. Anthony. The Sacagawea and Presidential dollars, as well as the American Innovation dollars coins, have been released since then. They are mostly available for collectors.

A visit to a US Mint on National Dollar Day is a great time. Philadelphia is where the original mint was established in 1792. There are now four mints in the United States: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Denver, Colorado, San Francisco, California, West Point, New York, and San Francisco, California.


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