National Doughnut Week

What is National Doughnut Week?
National Doughnut Week is an event which takes place annually with the aim of raising funds for The Children’s Trust.

The Children’s Trust is a registered charity based in Tadworth which provides rehabilitation services for young people and children who have suffered a brain injury.

More than 40,000 children in the UK suffer a brain injury every year, which could be the result of an accident or an illness. For many the prognosis is good, but there are thousands who have difficulties which are ongoing or long-term. The Children’s Trust provides support services for these children and their families.

By supporting National Doughnut Week you will be helping to raise funds to help The Children’s Trust continue their work in supporting these children and their families.
When is National Doughnut Week 2022?
This year National Doughnut Week takes place from the 7th to the 15th of May.
How to get involved in National Doughnut Week.
The Children’s Trust and other sponsors of the event encourage bakers, coffee shops, schools and offices to bake and sell doughnuts. There is no fee to participate, just a simple registration form to complete online. Once registered, a pack of goodies is available to help with the organisation and promotion of your doughnut event. All the funds raised go straight to the charity.

There is a list of establishments that are taking part, so you can pay them a visit and buy your delicious doughnuts. Take them to the office and encourage your colleagues to buy some. Why not hold your own doughnut bake-off or doughnut eating competition? For businesses taking part there is a handy pack of tips available to download from the official National Doughnut Week website. Click here for more information about how to participate in this year’s event.


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