National Drinking Straw Day

National Drinking Straw Day

Imagine drinking a milkshake with no straw. How would anyone manage a juicebox? What number of soft drinks would your family have drank in dark theaters without straws? We can all agree that drinking straws have made our lives better enough to merit their own holiday. Drinking straw day celebrates the patenting and invention of the paper drinking straw.

To celebrate this simple invention, National Drinking Straw Day was created. Although it may seem so basic, a straw is a necessary item. A straw is essential for many drinks, including milkshakes and iced coffees. This is especially true for cocktails that have mint leaves or other ingredients you don’t wish to swallow.

Sumerians made the straws that man has ever used. They were most commonly used to drink beer at the time, which was a mixture of solid byproducts from the fermentation process. The ryegrass straw was popularized thousands of years later in the 1800s because it was soft and cheap. It was also prone to become mushy in liquid.

Marvin C. Stone, inventor, became frustrated with straws’ flaws while he was drinking mint julep. The taste of the rye in his drink gave it a grassy flavor. In 1888, he patented the modern drinking straw. Stone’s first straw was simply paper wrapped around a pencil. He then pulled out a pencil from one end and used glue to attach the strips.

It was already a significant improvement over the ryegrass straw. Stone further improved his invention by creating a machine that coated the paper with wax to keep it together. This was to prevent glue from separating in Bourbon, which he enjoyed.

You can celebrate National Drinking Straw Day by drinking all liquids through straws throughout the day. This could include your morning orange juice, afternoon mineral waters, evening wine, and so forth. You should be aware that hot beverages like tea and coffee can heat up when they are sucked into your mouth through a straw.

You can also celebrate the holiday by learning how to make the mint julep, the drink that inspired Marvin Stone. Sit back and enjoy your drink through a straw. It won’t taste like ryegrass! Ladies and gentlemen, Marvin C. Stone is to be commended!


Makes 2 cocktails

Half of the sugar and mint should be placed in a julep cup or double-old-fashioned glass. The other half should go into a separate container. To dissolve the sugar and release the oil and scent of the mint, muddle the mint with a spoon. In one glass, pour half the bourbon and half into the other. Fill both glasses with crushed Ice and stir vigorously until they become frosty. Enjoy garnishing with mint sprigs.

A Mint Julep may not be your cup of tea. Instead, enjoy a frozen Margarita with a straw. A classic cocktail is the Margarita. It consists of triple sec and tequila. The Margarita is traditionally served with salt glass rims. However, many people prefer sugar to this. A Margarita can be served in many forms: straight up – without ice or frozen – mixed with ice and on the rocks (shaken with ice). You can also find fruity versions and other flavours in modern versions.

The Margarita is a refreshing, light and delicious summer cocktail. A frozen margarita is most popular during warmer months. We prefer our drinks to be cold in the heat. So you can enjoy this drink at your home, we will share one of our easy frozen margarita recipe.

You will need to make a frozen margarita with tequila and Cointreau. In a saucepan over medium heat, combine water and caster sugar to make a syrup. Keep the heat low and stir the syrup constantly until it dissolves. Then, you can grate the orange zest and squeeze out the lime juice. Place all ingredients in a container.

When you’re ready to enjoy Margarita, take the frozen mixture out of the freezer and blend it in a blender. After you have done this, you can add Cointreau to the mixture. Grab a glass, rub a lime wedge on the rim of the glass, then add the drink to the glass. Grab a straw, and then cut it in half to fit the glass. Enjoy it!

You can also make these drinks non-alcoholic! You can also make a cold frappe! You will need to add water and coffee to the glass. You can also add flavored syrups such as caramel or vanilla to the glass. The next step is to combine all ingredients until you get a nice foam on top. Mix in some ice and milk. Add a straw to finish.


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