National Dry Shampoo Day

National Dry Shampoo Day

Dry shampoo is essential for those who don’t have the time or energy to wash their hair before going to work. Dry shampoo not only makes your hair look fresher, but also saves you time and avoids awkwardness at work. Dry Shampoo Day is a day to celebrate the practicality of dry shampoo.

Although National Dry Shampoo Day is relatively recent, dry shampoo has a long history. Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy says dry shampoo was used in Asia since 15th century. In Europe, Europeans ground starches under their wigs to refresh their hair.

In 1940, the first dry shampoo commercially available was introduced. From there, it was embraced by mainstream culture as a quick fix for hair problems. Klorane, an European botanical beauty brand that is known for high-quality dry shampoos made from premium ingredients, declared this a national holiday in 2017.

PRNewswire reports that Klorane decided this holiday was the best solution to meet people’s hair care needs due to the effects of daylight saving time.

The dry shampoo line offers a range of products for different hair types. However, the company views this holiday as an opportunity celebrate dry shampoo as a “secret tool” to combat oily, frizzy or dry hair between showers.

Klorane was founded in Southwest France over 50 years ago by Pierre Fabre, a young pharmacist who promoted the idea of “botanical beaut care”, which uses eco-friendly plants to make their products. National Dry Shampoo Day was launched by Klorane’s #DryShampooAuthority campaign last year, allowing people rejoice in dry shampoo innovation.

Here are some styling tips to help you incorporate dry shampoo into your daily routine. You should not search for dry shampoos online. Not all dry shampoos are created equal. Make sure to check the ingredients and opt for natural products.

There are sprays and powders. You can research online to find the best product for you. Dry shampoos can’t be used on their own. However, you will need to wash your hair every now and again to remove any buildup from using powders. Dry shampoos are great for keeping colored hair healthy without washing it.


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