National Dumpling Day

National Dumpling Day

National Dumpling Day celebrates the deliciousness and joy of these little balls of dough!

People may have different images of dumplings depending on their origin. You might think of Chinese-filled dumplings like dim sum or bao, which are steam steamed rather than boiled. Others might associate dumplings with soup. Still others might be more interested in Czech dumplings, which look more like a slice or bread than a dumpling.

Dumplings were probably created in China by a physician during the Eastern Han Dynasty, which lasted around 200 BC to 200 AD. The first recipe for dumplings was published in Roman culture, in a cookbook called Apicus. It is believed that it was written around 400AD.

Dumplings are made from a starch-based dough, such as wheat flour or potato flour. They can often be used to create other delicious meals and tastes.

These are some ideas to get involved in National Dumpling Day

In honor of National Dumpling Day, go to a restaurant and order lots of dumplings! You might find dumplings at Chinese restaurants. They can also be found in American restaurants that offer southern-style home cooking such as Cracker Barrel.

Take a few friends along to order dumplings from a variety of styles and types to compare and decide which one is the best.

Making dumplings is part of National Dumpling Day. The first step is to choose the type of dumplings you want and then search for a recipe. These dumplings are easiest to make, as they can be dropped into soup. However, you might find it more challenging to roll, wrap, and stuff them.


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