National Earmuff Day

National Earmuff Day

The winter chill is over, the deep winter snows are slowly melting away in the face Spring (unless you live in Australia where fall is already setting in, then this warning is more timely than ever). We can finally look forward to the warmth that is coming and we can stop wearing hats every day. But… don’t panic! Earmuff Day is here to remind you that early spring weather can be unpredictable and even duplicitous.

Spring’s beginning is often the end of winter terror. One moment you can bask in the sun’s warmth, the next it is freezing and raining, making your ears ache like iceberg lettuce. One genius Chester Greenwood found a way to get rid of the cold, untrustworthy and often conniving weather. He created a more practical and comfortable piece of headwear that you can wear all year. Chester Greenwood invented the most extraordinary piece of headgear for a specific purpose, the earmuff.

While Mr. Greenwood was only looking for a way of keeping our ears warm during winter, he could not have imagined the many uses this seemingly innocent piece headgear would serve. The “earmuff” was now called the “thermal armuff” and is joined by the “acoustic armuff”. These are the sound dampeners that construction workers use all over the world. These are more effective than the earplugs and can save your ears.

Wear your favorite Earmuffs to celebrate Earmuff Day! There are a million styles to choose from and many ways to personalize them. We have seen everything, from animal paws that cover your ears all the way to unique designs that allow you to express your personal style. They can be used for protection purpose-built! You don’t have to work all day on a construction site. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to show your personality by choosing a color for your acoustic Earmuffs. Add stickers or a personal design, and you’ll be able to protect your ears from cold and sound while still looking great!


Mar 13 2025


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