National Eat A Cranberry Day

National Eat A Cranberry Day

This just shows that this tart red berry, with its unique flavor and odd name, has existed since the beginning of America. Cranberries are delicious and healthy. They are rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants. National Eat A Cranberry Day invites you to continue a long-standing tradition, and enjoy cranberries all year round.

Let’s start with the strange name “Cranberry”, but what exactly is a Cranberry? Cranberry’s original name was craneberry. It is derived from the German word “kraanbere”. What makes a berry named after a bird, you ask? You would guess that the berries were the favorite food of the bird called the crane. But you’d be wrong. English believed that the craneberry’s stem and flowers resembled that of the same bird, which is why it was named.

The cranberry was a popular crop once settlement began in the Americas. It saw export to Europe and was also used as a Thanksgiving holiday food by colonists. Although cranberry sauce can be enjoyed around the globe, it is not as popular as in the USA where it is an integral part of any Turkey-based holiday such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. White cranberries are not as well-known as the deep red cranberries. They are more popular because they have a lighter flavor, and are harvested earlier than their color darkens.

Seriously? It’s in the title! National Eat A Cranberry Day can be celebrated by eating a cranberry. No one will blame you for choosing the tart taste of cranberries in beverage form to its solid form. Cranberry juice can be mixed with other sweet fruits to provide many health benefits. It also has a tartness that complements the sweetness of fruit like apple, grape, or pear. Take a sip, or grab a spoon, and enjoy a cranberry on National Eat A Cranberry Day.


Nov 23 2024


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