National Eat A Hoagie Day

National Eat A Hoagie Day

Although it may look like a regular sandwich, hoagies are a sub sandwich that Philadelphians love. There are many disputes over who invented the hoagie and who is the best at making them. Eat a Hoagie Day, is one of the many holidays that celebrates hoagies in all their deliciousness.

South Philadelphia is where Hoagies, a sub sandwich type, was invented. Hoagies are named after the Hog Island Shipyard on the Deleware River. This was when Italian-American workers purchased sandwiches from Al Depalma during the Depression. These sandwiches were called “hoggies” by the luncheon. Others claim that Chester is the origin of the hoagie, while others believe that Emil’s grocery store and lunch counter was the source.

According to Emil’s luncheon hosts, the inspiration for the hoagie was a sandwich that they saw in Maine, which was made by an Italian woman. They then started making the sandwich themselves. Many hoagies were sent to the shipyard when World War II broke out.

Hoagies can be found in every Wawa across Pennsylvania, and are only available in the area where they are sold. They are filled with tomatoes, cheese, pickles and onions and are stuffed in an Italian bread loaf. Although the origins of hoagie remain a mystery to hoagie lovers, they are primarily an Italian invention.

It’s all about eating a hoagie as lunch. However, hoagies are beloved by all who have one, especially those in the Philadelphia area.

You can make your own hoagie with ingredients like salami, ham and cheese. To make it authentic, buy a fresh loaf Italian bread at your local grocery store, bakery, or supermarket.

You love hoagies so make sure to visit Philadelphia to sample both DePalmas’ and DiCostanzas’ hoagies. Hoagie parties are a great way to get together with friends and create your own hoagies. Enjoy a hoagie with your friends and family!


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