National Eat A Red Apple Day

National Eat A Red Apple Day

It’s not the bright green Granny Smith apple or the yellow and red stripes of the Fuji Apple that one associates with an apple. No, indeed. Red Delicious is the most obvious choice. Red Delicious is as familiar to us as an apple’s appearance. If you ask a child to draw an Apple, the crayon that they use to draw it will be the Red Delicious.

Eat A Red Apple Day is a day to celebrate the iconic apple family member and its history.

Get ready to Eat a Red Apple Day!

After Johnny Appleseed’s travels, America was a hotbed for apple development. By the late 1800s, there were countless varieties of apples available. Apple varieties were developed to make it easier for apples to be transported commercially around the United States.

In 1880, the ‘Ben Davis Apple’ was the reigning king among apples due to its ability and longevity to withstand harsh growing conditions. It wasn’t the most delicious, but it was easier to move produce from farm to supermarket.

Red Delicious remained the most loved apple in the world until the 1980’s when it began to lose its popularity. It was how popular? Washington State is one the largest producers of apples. The Red Delicious made up 75% of Washington’s total production. Although it has declined to 1/3 of its original size, it still represents a significant portion of the world’s apple production.

You don’t have to do much other than eat a red Apple Day! Or you can get more involved. It doesn’t matter how it’s celebrated, it’s sure to be delicious and healthy!

These are some ideas to celebrate Eat a Red Apple Day.

You can do it! Take a red apple to breakfast, or bring one with you to work in your lunchbox. Apples are a great snack after school, whether they’re eaten whole or sliced and coated in peanut butter or caramel sauce. Red apples can be used in fruit salads, sliced apples on peanut butter sandwiches, or made into applesauce. There are so many options!

Are you unsure which red apple is best? To help you decide, host a tasting party with your friends. Some varieties are best eaten as-is, while others are better when cooked or baked.

You can try a variety of options to find the best. You can even make it a party and have a blind taste test with your friends to find out who can distinguish the difference.

These are some great Red Apples for you to start with:

Red apple lovers, unite! People will find any excuse for a party, and this one is definitely one of them. These ideas are great for a Red Apple Day Party.

Apples taste better when they are shared. You can give everyone a bag of apples by handing them out at work or school.

It’s also a great day to enjoy everyone’s favorite: Apple Pie


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