National Eat Outside Day

National Eat Outside Day

Picnics, Cookouts. Grill Parties. Beer Gardens. Enjoy a delicious meal outside in celebration of National Eat Outside Day.

Since time began, humans have likely been eating outdoors. Even though people began to live in indoors, outdoor dining was still a popular option. In Medieval Times people used to pack food and bring it along on hunting trips.

Bavaria was home to beer gardens in the 17th century. Picnics became more popular in America in the 18th century, when American settlers hosted parties in their “pleasure gardens”. The idea would become something people could enjoy in their local forest, park or green space.

Researchers believe that outdoor dining may have originated in Coney Island in New York. In 1884, the park’s first rollercoaster was created. People loved to spend time outdoors so Charles Feltman, a restaurateur, sandwiched a sausage between two pieces of bread to make it portable. The hot dog was thus born, which is now one of the most loved and easiest foods outside.

National Eat Outside Day celebrates all the fun!

National Eat Outside Day can be celebrated in many ways. These are some ideas to help you get started.

Invite your friends and family to celebrate National Eat Outside Day. Then pack a picnic and go to a park or beach. You can fill a basket with all sorts of outdoor-friendly food, including fried chicken, deli sandwiches and cut fruit such as watermelon or apple, potato salad, sliced vegetables, hummus dip, homemade cookies, or pie. Don’t forget your picnic blanket!

National Eat Outside Day is celebrated in the summertime. This makes it a great opportunity to enjoy a meal outside at your favorite restaurant. Many restaurants offer outdoor seating for customers during warmer months, whether they are serving Italian or barbecue sandwiches. For those who have similar ideas, call ahead to make reservations.

Invite your friends and neighbors to a barbecue to celebrate National Eat Outside Day. This is one of the most popular ways people celebrate this day. Grill up some outdoor foods like hot dogs, bratwursts, sausages and chicken breasts. You can also grill corn on the cob and shish kebabs.


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