National Eat Your Beans Day

National Eat Your Beans Day

Beans are a wonderful food that can be enjoyed in any form. They are rich in nutrients, tasteful, and versatile and have been a staple meal for almost every culture around the world. You can’t go wrong eating a few beans on your plate, whether you love refried beans or pork and beans. National Eat Your Beans Day.

Beans have been with our family for a long time. We are curious how long it has been. The seventh millennium BC was the first time that cultivated beans were discovered. This is a long time ago, and predates ceramics, one of the oldest human crafts. It’s true, beans have been eaten since before humans knew how to make a saucepan to cook them in. They were a favorite of the Egyptians, who often found beans buried alongside the dead. The Iliad even mentioned beans as a key part of human history.

Many qualities have helped beans to be a staple food in the human diet. Beans are a great source of fiber, protein, with almost no fat, and they also provide calcium, folic Acid, potassium, iron, and other vital nutrients for a healthy body. There are over 40,000 varieties available worldwide, but only a handful of them are made available for mass market. Beans are near perfect, which is a rare trait among cultivated plants. The modern bean crop is almost identical to the beans that our ancestor grew. It’s not worth attempting to alter something that is already perfect. It doesn’t matter! It’s just that you enjoy a large bowl of beans on National Eat Your Beans Day and throughout the year.

National Eat Your Beans Day has arrived! This is your chance to taste all the beans that you have always wanted. Have you ever wondered what Chick Peas are and how they taste? Absolutely! They are a key ingredient in Hummus. Are you a big fan of Silence of the Lambs It’s time to try Fava Beans. They’re delicious! You can also make it tangy with a Pork and Beans traditional recipe with lots of barbecue sauce and ketchup.


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