National Educational Support Professionals Day

National Educational Support Professionals Day

Most people think of educators when they think about Education Support Professionals. They are the ones who clean and maintain the schools, make the meals and treat the injured in the private and public schools across the country.

Their professions are often overlooked because they account for over 40% of school staff. National Educational Support Professionals Day recognizes their dedication to student safety and their long hours.

ESP Day was established to recognize and honor the contributions of education support professionals (ESPs). It is held during American Education Week which includes holidays and celebrations that were established by the National Education Association.

An NEA book pamphlet explains that the NEA Representative Assembly in 1987 called for the creation a special way to recognize the contributions of school support staff. The National Education Support Personnel Day was created in response to that call and is still celebrated each year.

They changed the holiday’s name from “Educational Support Personnel to” in 2002 to better reflect the vital role ESPs played in public education.

According to NEAToday, a recent NEA survey of its ESP member found that 80 percent of them work full-time, 72 percent work in a school setting, 53 percent care for students with special needs and 61 percent give money ($170 per year on average) out of their own pockets to support students with classroom supplies and field trips. ESPs who work long hours and spend a lot of money on their students deserve our gratitude.

Sending a request to the government for a proclamation is one of the best things you can do. You can choose which elected official you’d like to ask to sponsor a proclamation to celebrate National ESP Day.

The request can be sent to any Federal or State representative, Federal senator, Governor, Mayor or City Council member. After you have sent your elected officials a request for a proclamation of National ESP Day, you can then wait for their response.

You can also post on social media your support for ESP day and tell about it to your friends using #EducationSupportProfessionalsDay. Send letters to the editor or manager of your company to invite your local radio or TV station to participate in the day. You can also send thank you cards or gift cards to ESPs you know.


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