National Eggnog Day

National Eggnog Day

We all remember the famous holiday drink that was sold only in shops during November and December. It’s eggnog! It’s eggnog! We can either buy it in stores for our whole family to enjoy or make our own. Eggnog is a Christmas staple drink. It is important to ask where eggnog came from and how did it become a reality. This is National Eggnog Day!

When eggnog is mixed with an alcoholic beverage, it’s also known as egg punch or milk punch. It is a rich, creamy, sweetened, chilled dairy drink that’s typically made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg, and other ingredients. Sometimes, it may also contain mixed spirits.

As are the origins of eggnog, so too are the original ingredients. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, nog is “a type of strong beer brewed somewhere else in East Anglia”. But where did Eggnog come from?

In 1775, Jonathan Boucher, a Maryland clergyman and philologist, wrote a poem about the drink. It was published thirty years later. You’re sure to be interested in the following poem.

In 1788, the New-Jersey Journal published the first print use of the term. It was a reference to a young man who had consumed eggnog. The origin of eggnog could be from posset. This was a Medieval European drink made with hot milk, which curdled when it was mixed with wine or beer and then flavor with spices.

It is easy to celebrate National Eggnog Day. To celebrate, we simply need to buy or make our eggnog and then sit at the fireplace or kitchen table to enjoy our eggnog with family and friends. We can also make an alcohol version for adult friends and family after the children go to bed.

You can make Eggnog from scratch if you don’t know how. Here is the recipe.


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