National Elephant Appreciation Day

National Elephant Appreciation Day

Many annual celebrations have a rich, long-storied past and are of immense global importance. National Elephant Appreciation day is one of these. Most likely not.

Mission Media, a publishing and graphics company, created the day in 1996. Its roots are largely based upon Wayne Hepburn, its owner’s fascination with elephants. He was inspired to become interested in elephants after he received an elephant paperweight from his daughter. The day was recognized, despite its rather bizarre backstory.

Despite this, elephants deserve our appreciation. They are the largest land mammal in the world, and unfortunately, many elephant species face extinction due to environmental factors as well as the ivory trade.

What can you do to commemorate National Elephant Appreciation day? You can do anything that is elephant-related. There are many options: a trip to the Zoo, a family viewing of Dumbo.


Sep 22 2024


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