National Employee Appreciation Day

National Employee Appreciation Day

You don’t need to spend much time in business before you can hear conversations about what the most important aspect of a business. One could argue that customers are the most important aspect of a business, particularly when it is just starting out. They are the ones who patronize the business and access products and services, and ultimately make the business profitable.

Customers begin to recognize the importance of employees once a company has reached a certain level.

If a company owner finds himself in the position of having to hire employees to handle the additional business, it is time to shift gears and recognize the importance of employees!

National Employee Appreciation day was created for one reason. Without employees, customers don’t have anyone to serve them. This means that they won’t be able to get the services they need and will stop patronizing the business.

Businesses can survive without their employees. National Employee Appreciation day is a great way to let everyone know, including employees, that you appreciate them.

National Employee Appreciation Day was first created in 1995. It may have been a response to Boss’s Day. Employees were reminded how important it is to appreciate their bosses and show appreciation. Although Boss’s Day was established in 1958, it took nearly 40 years to create a day for employees to be appreciated.

The idea arose that it would be great to recognize both sides of this important business equation. It’s easy to forget that employees can be one of the greatest assets a company has. National Employee Appreciation day was created to remind employees of this.

Bob Nelson, a founding member of Recognition Professionals International, brought up the topic. He worked with Workman Publishing to bring about the present day.

Bob Nelson did not want employers to undervalue the contributions of their employees. Their value extends beyond the job scope, and often goes above and beyond what is necessary to keep a company running smoothly.

No matter if the employees work in a manufacturing plant, warehouse, answering the phones all day or dealing with customer complaints and billing, the business would not be able to function without them.

It is said that an office can function without a boss for a few days, but not without a receptionist. This serves as a reminder of the importance of employees to any business.

It’s time for employees to be celebrated!

It’s easy to celebrate National Employee Appreciation day. Let employees know how much you appreciate them.

Ideas can be implemented by bosses to motivate their employees. Perhaps a small group of employees can go out for lunch to get to know each other better. Perhaps you can schedule a day when employees can meet with their managers and sit down, instead of spending the day at work.

These creative ways can make employees feel valued on this day.

As a treat, you might consider hosting a coffee shop with bagels, donuts, or fruit to make it easier for everyone to get out of work.

Swag bags are a great way for bosses to show appreciation to employees, even if they don’t have the budget. You can fill them with sweet treats, snacks and company logo merchandise (water bottles are a popular choice) as well as gift cards for local restaurants and shops. A simple bouquet of flowers can be a great option if swag bags seem too difficult.

Employees love getting paid to have fun. Take the group on a field trip outside of the office. You could take the group to a zoo or museum, tour a brewery, or do something else that they enjoy. Even if you are not working, it can help to build synergy and foster healthy dynamics by spending time together.

Many offices have the option to allow their employees to go home earlier than usual, while still receiving their full-day salary. It’s a great way to give your staff a few extra hours each afternoon that they can use as much or little as they like. This is a simple way to show appreciation and doesn’t require much planning.

It all depends on your budget. A card could be placed on the employee’s desk, or an email with appreciation sent through the company system. No matter what, remind your employees how important they are to you and the company. This kind of appreciation and recognition for employees will improve morale, which in turn will lead to higher performance. It’s a great opportunity to show kindness and generosity, which will make the world a better place for employees and bosses alike.


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