National Escargot Day

National Escargot Day

Escargot, French for edible snails is thought to have been one of the first animals domesticated by man. This type of heliciculture has been documented in archaeological evidence going back thousands years.

Escargot or cooked land snails are now eaten throughout the Roman Empire. Snails make a great source of protein and are tasty. They’re also low in fat.

National Escargot Day marks the day when this important, but small dish is put on the map.

Classically, these delicious gastropods are grilled in their shells and topped with garlic butter. A metal pick is used to pull the meat out of the shell and into the mouth.

Even though it is not a popular dish in every part of the world, escargot has a long history of being enjoyed in France. It is possible to find snails in France in cans and tins with empty shells attached and specially dimpled plates to eat them.

Get ready to celebrate this obscure, but fun day!

It’s easy to enjoy this day — all you have to do is engage in activities that teach and appreciate escargot. These are just a few ideas.

Some people might find ordering an escargot dish in a restaurant intimidating. They may not know how it should be eaten and might not have any instructions.

Escargot will be served on a special plate with divots, where the snails are placed inside their shells. The plate will likely come with a small spoon and a pair of tongs. What is the best way to use this equipment? !

It’s actually much easier than you might think. To pick up a snail shell, simply use the tongs. Use the fork to reach into the shell. Once the meat is separated from the shell, pull it out using the fork.

Escargots are a delicate dish that should be enjoyed slowly. You should only eat a few bites of escargot at a time.

Many people find the idea of eating snails a little daunting. However, it is possible to try them and discover if they are your favorite! It’s best to go to a restaurant that offers them. They will be prepared in a traditional way.

Don’t go by yourself! You can take a friend who enjoys escargot. If they don’t like them, it won’t matter as long as the friend still enjoys them.

Many people don’t know what escargot is, other than knowing they are cooked snails. These fun facts will help you educate the world about this delicious delicacy.

Celebrate National Escargot Day by telling a few classic snail jokes

This delicacy is preserved in many restaurants across the country. These appetizers can be found at almost any Parisian restaurant, including bistros, cafes and brassieres.

Take a look at these Parisian restaurants to get an escargot starter:

You should not miss the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral while you’re in Paris. While you wait for Paris to turn into night, grab some macarons along the way!

Escargot, a special snail delicacy, can be quite expensive when eaten in restaurants. They take a long time to prepare and cook, so they can be quite expensive.

People who discover large snails while out hiking or in their yards may believe that they would make great food and save money. But don’t do it! Wild snails can be dangerous to eat. They can get sick from eating anything that they find, even things that are toxic to humans.

Restaurants serve snails with a special diet, which usually includes cereals. This ensures that they are safe to eat. Don’t forget about the wildlife barbecue, and instead source snails from a trusted place, such as a restaurant or gourmet grocery.


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