National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day

National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day

It is evident that olive oil is becoming a world-wide phenomenon, with its health benefits and growing popularity.

Olive oil is considered the best of all oils. It is rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated oil, which is one of the better fats everyone needs. The Mediterranean Diet is the most healthful diet. Extra virgin olive oil is the foundation and cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet.

California is the largest producer of olive oil in the United States. Also, olive trees can be grown in Texas and Georgia, Arizona, Florida (Florida), Alabama, Oregon, Hawaii, and Hawaii (on Maui).

Since Thomas Jefferson, the first American “foodie”, declared that “… “the olive tree is surely the wealthiest gift of heaven” and considered olive oil a “necessity” of life (alongside wine and books), olive oils was always going to be a National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day.

Olive Oil has a long history. It dates back to at least 6000 years ago, when the olive tree first was planted and spread across Asia Minor to the Mediterranean region it is now known for. Olive oil has been used for many purposes over the years, including food preparations and beauty.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), the highest quality olive oil, is obtained by pressing and grinding the olives without using heat or chemicals. This makes EVOO extremely pure and very healthy. It is darker than regular olive oils and has a green or yellow tinge. Some people call it “liquid gold”. Some people consider this oil to have a unique flavor.

Many people have turned to Extra Virgin Olive Oil since the Mediterranean Diet is in the news. It provides a boost to their taste buds and physical health.

Although EVOO may be a little more expensive than regular olive oil, the value is well worth the extra. This is the perfect day to celebrate!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Celebrations can be educational and beneficial for your health. They can also be fun! These tips can be used to celebrate or you may come up with your own.

This is the ideal day for those who have used other oils or regular olive oil (not EVOO), to try this oil in new recipes. It is often used in cooking but it can also be used to drizzle over salads and as a dip for bread.

Visit an olive mill and olive orchard to witness the olive oil-to-olive oil conversion process in action. Olives can be grown anywhere in the world. Many people believe they will need to travel to Italy or Greece to grow olives. The United States has olives grown in California, Oregon and Texas. Peru, South Africa and Chile are all possible locations. Australia is also an option.

You can arrange a visit to one of these beautiful olive-producing farms. This will allow you to see firsthand how olives grow in their orchards, and what happens to the oil when it is extracted from the fruit. You can also pick up a few bottles to take home while you’re there!

Olive oil tasting is just like wine tasting. It is both a wonderful cultural and educational experience as well as a delicious treat for the palate. There will be many options. It will be difficult to decide which one to buy and take home.

Photograph olive oil and the best way to drizzle it. . . Share your favourite foods and your favorite ways to use olive oils for health, beauty and around the home and share the photos with us on social media.


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